Web & Voice Remote Control

Web & Voice Remote Control
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The WVRC-4 Plus provides a cost-effective, one ½ rack-unit solution allowing dial-up recordable voice response and/or web-enabled control and monitoring via a web browser and/or smart phone. The WVRC-4 Plus was designed from a user’s point of view, so all of the basic functionality you need is included to control and monitor your site equipment, while including the accessories other manufacturers consider optional.

In addition, the WVRC-4 Plus may be programmed for dialup operation via the web interface. The WVRC-4 Plus is supplied with spoken words and phrases in English, but the user is free to record words and phrases in their language.

Each analog, status, silence sensor, temperature sensor and power failure input can be configured to dial-out and/or email up to eight individual phone numbers/email addresses, allowing different input alarms to be routed to different call-out numbers and/or email recipients.

Event-driven and time-based automatic command capabilities, allows 50 user-defined macros to enable the WVRC-4 Plus to make corrective actions; 100-event program scheduler for relay control, DST correction, macro actions and alarm muting. Support for basic SMTP authentication as well as SNMP.


- Internal temperature monitor.*
- Jack for external power failure power supply.*
- Silence Sensor function with remote telco audio monitoring.*
- Simple telco hybrid with send and caller balanced audio I/O.*
- Internet Down alarm feature which will allow voice alarms when internet connection or DNS is lost.
- Event-driven and time-based automatic command capabilities. This allows userdefined macros to enable the WVRC-4 Plus to make corrective actions.
- 100-event program scheduler for relay control and alarm muting.
- Logging of all user selected input status with site ID information which may be emailed from once an hour to once a day, along with hourly snap-shot functionality.
- Front panel I/O activity LED indicators.
- Front panel local/operate switch with LED indicator.
- Front panel RJ-11 telephone jack used for user voice response recording
- Plug-in euro-block screw terminals for metering, status, relays, telco hybrid, and stereo silence sensor.
- Rear panel RJ-45, 10/100base-T LAN/Ethernet interface.
- Rear panel RJ-11 telco POTS line jack.
- Fused and surge protected universal power supply included.
- Fully RFI proofed.
- ½ rack-unit chassis.