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3750/4800 Wrms COFDM, 4200/5000 Wrms ATSC and 6000/9000 W p.s. 16RU solution composed by one driver and three amplifiers.
Transmitter, transposer, repeater, gap filler, multimode and multistandard

The SLIM5_03_UHF_SD_PCM is the light low power transmitter solution from SLIM Line.
High efficiency PPT option availabe. (PPT: registered proprietary mark, patent pending).
The overall efficiency of a single final stage is about 42% and the efficiency of the whole transmitter is about 38%.

Key facts:

Multimode platform – same hardware: System driver, low power transmitter, heterodyne transposer, regenerative transmitter, translator (integrated DVB-S2 receiver), gapfiller and Single Frequency Echo Canceller
Multistandard Transmitter: All digital / All analog in the same hardware
Output power solution UP to 4800Wrms / 9000Wps
2x INPUT= SAT (S2 with CAMSlot), Ethernet, ASI= Hitless switch
Regenerative and SFN Gapfiller functionalty
Freq. agile with static or adaptive pre-correction
BUILT in GPS receiver
Easy to use: web graphic interface GUI response.
Up to several amplifiers housed in one 19” standard rack

The Air Cooled transmitters line = SLIM Line offers air cooled TV transmitters, with one or more amplifier modules.