Headphone Amplifier

Headphone Amplifier
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The RemoteAmp from JK Audio is a battery-powered personal amplifier that can be used as an IFB (Interruptible Fold-Back) earpiece or headphone amplifier, or as an on-stage monitor headphone amplifier. The 1 watt amplifier provides sufficient power to cut through surrounding noise without distortion.

The amplifier can be clipped to a belt and accepts, via an XLR connector, a mono input from a mixer, distribution amplifier, telephone line hybrid, or a handset interface like JK Audio's QuickTap IFB. A separate power switch allows the user to set and leave the volume control at a comfortable level. The 1/8" earpiece jack is current-limited to prevent excessive signals.


Line Input
-Female XLR
-Impedance 4k ohms
-Level 100 mV RMS (-18 dBu nom, +12 dBu max)
-Max Gain 46 dB
-1/4" Mono/Stereo
-Impedance 8 ohms
-Level 1 Watt Max
-1/8" (3.5mm) Mono
-Impedance 150 ohms
-Level 100 mW nom.