Digital Voice Processor with SmartCard

Digital Voice Processor with SmartCard
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VIP/Digital is the professional’s choice in microphone processing, because it bundles the industry's finest digital audio processing capabilities in one easy, economical package. From its Smart Detection De-esser to its natural-sounding reverb with user-editable parameters, every processing tool you need on-board. There's even a delay line, rarely included in products of this class, but indispensable for post-production. VIP/Digital removes the headaches of searching for the right combination of equipment with the processing you need – then hoping they’ll work together when you install them. Giving you a new level of power and convenience, in addition to its amazing sound quality, VIP/Digital offers a trouble-free and smart approach to handle all your processing needs in one rackspace.

With only three buttons to remember, your talent will love this easy approach to recall their personal settings. Since all parameters are stored on your personal YELLOWTEC SmartCard you can do set up the VIP/Digital one time, save your settings and restore them with ease. Its large back-lit display shows you every paramater.

Using SmartCard technology you can personalize the sound your on-air talent prefers. So you don’t have to compromise with a one-setting-fits-all approach that is supposed to suit everyone, but satisfies no one. Each voice/mic/studio combination provides customized processing. With VIP/Digital, you get the perfect solution: Give each of your talent a unique and personal sound, then store the processing parameters in the SmartCard. Sized like a credit card, it stores up to 3 individual presets on a semiconductor chip that can’t be erased by stray magnetic fields. Personalized sound settings and perfect security means your talent can take their SmartCards with them from studio to studio, saving you the trouble of re-configuring each studio every time there's a different user. Once stored in the SmartCard, talent can customize any VIP/Digital unit with his/her settings. Each VIP/Digital unit also stores a minimum of 50 complete presets internally. You can grant levels of access to these internal presets, so that users only see the presets that are appropriate.


-Automatic Gain Control with sensible controls.
-De-Esser: Parametric EQ, Four individual, single band EQs offer selectable frequency, Q, and bell or shelving contours.
-Built-in Phase Rotators
-VIPVerb: High quality reverb section with easy to set parameters adds the exact amount of ambience you desire.
-Delay line
-Subsonic Filter
-Variable module order