4 Phone Line/ Digital Phone Hybrid with DSP Echo Cancellation

4 Phone Line/ Digital Phone Hybrid with DSP Echo Cancellation
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The DH400 handle 4 telephone lines, one of them could be a cellular phone. The audio signal is digitized and processed within 4 units DSP (Digital Signal Processor). Rejection of the hybrid is automatically adjusted in two seconds and reaches values of 45 to 60 dB.

The DH 400 system is the culmination of 40 years of experience in manufacturing at Solidyne, broadcasting phone hybrids, PBX telephone exchanges and telephone sets. No other company of this market has the same triple experience. So none of them produce such an advanced system that allows configuring in seconds from anywhere on the radio, through the LAN, the way that the telephone lines are used for recording of calls, for on-air interviews or tele-voting. Throughout the day the radio station can reschedule their lines and their hybrids. You only need a simple "click".

We get such high value, using a technology called digital echo cancellation. This local voice high rejection allows the user to hear at the caller using loudspeakers in large radio studios, auditoriums or television sets.

But the advantages do not end here
The DH400 is driven by a microcomputer, which supports several work modes that other systems do not possess. For example, it can handle four telephones sets for a radio call center. The local phone operator is able to write, on the PC screen, the name of the caller and any other valuable data, which is immediately transferred to the entire radio PC network, using our free DH400 software. With a simple touch of the Flash button at the telephone set, the telephone operator places on HOLD the phone call without disturbing the console operator.


-PC Remote control system. It works over a LAN network.
-Recording mode with auto-answering and separate outputs for 4 lines.
-VQR system for restoration of original voice quality.