3 x Modular Dual Colour LED Light Reporter Kit

3 x Modular Dual Colour LED Light Reporter Kit
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Datavideo has put together this Modular Dual Colour LED 3 Light Reporter Kit to offer a 3-point lighting solution for ENG, spot news, interviews or depositions. The kit contains 3 Dual Colour LED Modular lights, each with a light stand and a softbox, 3-piece filter kit, AA battery box and a shoe mount. A hard ABS water-resistant carry case is also included to store and transport the kit.

The kit is built around the 8.2 x 2.5 x 5.5", lightweight LG-B308 Dual Colour Light. This versatile light can be stand or camera mounted and has variable color temperature from 3200-5400K; allowing you to match any other source without filters, or use the Kelvin range creatively. While others are taping on filters you'll be packing for the next job.

Full stepless dimming is equally easy, requiring just a turn of a wheel. The 308 can be stand or shoe-mounted and since the light is channeled on all sides it can be attached to other 308s to make a larger source.

The light runs on optional NP-F or Panasonic CGR-D-type camera batteries or on AA batteries via the included battery box.


-3 x Dual Colour LED Modular Dimmable Camera Top Light
-3 x Portable Light Stand
-3 x Softbox Attachments
-1 x ABS Water Resistant Carry Case with custom cut foam
-Optional AC power supply available