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The Roland VC-30HD Video Converter is a Swiss Army knife–style converter that accepts just about any analog video or audio input as well as digital HDMI and FireWire sources. In real time, it converts video and audio to MPEG-2, DV, or HDV video streams that can be output simultaneously via the VC-30HD's USB or dual FireWire ports.

This presents a plethora of options for convenient archiving, recording, and live streaming – with multiple tasks being accomplished at once. Featuring HDMI, FireWire, S-Video, component, and composite inputs, the VC-30HD accepts NTSC & PAL video formats as well as HDTV standards up to 1080i60. For analog audio input, you also enjoy a lot of options: HDMI embedded, analog via RCAs, and either analog or AES via XLRs. There's also an XLR for timecode input.

For output, the VC-30HD converter embeds the analog & digital audio and preserves your resolution and frame rate as it converts video to DV, HDV, MPEG-2 at selectable bit rates from 2 to 50 Mb/s. With simultaneous outputs via dual FireWire ports and USB, the converter serves up signals ready for both real-time recording and streaming to a Windows-based service. Record to Blu-ray recorder, a VTR, a PC, a camera, or a nonlinear editing system, all while your stream goes out live to the internet.


-Captures HDMI & FireWire Digital Video
-Captures Most Analog Video & Audio Types
-Simultaneous USB & Dual FireWire Outputs
-Live Streaming or Real-Time Archiving
-Capture to or from a Nonlinear Editor
-SMPTE Timecode Input
-Accepts Resolutions Up to 1080i60
-Outputs DV, HDV & MPEG-2 Video
-Select Bit Rate & Audio Delay