Pneumatic Column Pedestal System

Pneumatic Column Pedestal System
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The Libec P110S Pneumatic Column Pedestal System consists of the P110 Column, DL-10 Dolly, and wheelguard and offers seamless movement of mid-rage cameras and lightweight teleprompters. A double bearing system at the base prevents unsteady movement caused by sudden vertical motion. With a maximum load capacity of 66 lb (30 kg), it is ideal for indoor and outdoor shooting.

You can adjust the air-pressure in the pneumatic column corresponding to the attached camera and maintain it by tightening the lock knobs, thereby securing the camera and allowing long shoots. A safety valve protects against over pressurizing of the pneumatic column. In addition to the tracking locking mechanism, the 125 mm double-wheel casters also include adjustable cable guards. A double stopper ensures that the wheels and axle shafts are secured.


-P110 Column / DL-10 Dolly / Wheelguard
-Offers Seamless Movement
-Double-bearing System
-Load Capacity - up to 66 lb (30 kg)
-Ideal for Indoor & Outdoor Shooting
-Safety Valve/Tracking Locking Mechanism
-Cable Guards / Double Stopper System