DVB Satellite Reciever

DVB Satellite Reciever
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As a high professional DVB-S demodulator the DSR01 DVB Satellite Receiver guarantees audio and RDS data transmission in accordance with UECP standards. The integrated receiver decoder is equipped with DVB-S, which can be replaced with DVB-S2 and DVB-ASI if required. Latest codecs like AAC HEv1&2 are available, while monitoring and alerting of the receiver are implemented via IP/SNMP.

Besides the outstanding quality of the 2wcom professional audio satellite products, which are especially designed for professional program distribution, we do appreciate the excellent customer service and the exceptionally co-operation with 2wcom, especially in product innovation and customization to our special demands. The DSR01 includes many new features and we were particularly impressed regarding it's easy configuration and operability.

Professional Radio Satellite DSR Series with Very Low Symbol Rate (0.125Msymbols) IRD Decoder

Ideal for:

- For creation of new multichannel DVB-S2 radio distribution network via satellite
- For replacement of Analog or Digital STL or access to unreachable by other means transmitter sites
- For direct replacement of the already discontinued legacy ABR-202 satellite receiver IRD units


· Adjustable audio decoding delay

· Very short, steady and highly accurate audio decoding delay

· Balanced analogue and digital AES/EBU audio output (with switchable 15 KHz low-pass)

· Output of RDS data via serial or IP (IRT format or private PID)

· MPEG output via X.21 and IP

· Remote access via Web Browser and SNMP

· Perfectly suited for global remote control (relays and optical input)

· Enhanced backup possibilities with intelligent, automatic switching in case of failure (IceCast, Shoutcast and internal memory)

· Audio over IP output

· Prepared for synchronized FM transmission within FM SFN Networks