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The D612 is a revolutionary product that only a high innovation company like Solidyne can offer you such a low price
It handles 4 microphones, a digital line input via USB, 2 balanced line inputs and 2 telephone hyphens, one line and the other cell phone that can operate in conference.

It has 2 analog stereo outputs (PGM and REC) and a digital output via USB. A complete monitoring system with separate outputs of speakers and headphones for study and control that includes logic of muting and output for air light.

The D612 allows you to connect a wireless cell phone with Bluetooth link. Any cell phone connects in seconds and can be used several meters from the D612.
The microphones have an excellent 4-band EQ designed for the human voice. Your speakers will have a new brightness that will distinguish your radio from the competition. It also offers audio compression to match the levels of the voices.

The digital inputs and outputs of the D612 allow you to eliminate audio boards in the PC and the hum and distortions often associated with your connection.

The D612 offers the option AoIP that allows to interconnect the console through the Ethernet LAN of the studios without having to carry armored cables or perforate walls. It can also be connected via the Internet to the FM transmitting plant
The D612 features professional 100mm ceramic conductive attenuators for 15 years and has a generous 5 year warranty