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The UA844+SWB/LC Wideband Antenna Distribution System & No Antenna Cables from Shure is for the expansion of a Shure wireless microphone system. It can be used to split one pair of antennas to multiple receivers and amplify the RF signal to compensate for the insertion loss.

A single UA844+SWB/LC option comes with four push-on DC cables and no antenna cables. It is recommended for use with the BLXR, SLX, and QLX-D wireless systems. To connect the receiver antenna ports to the UA844+SWB/LC, use the BNC to BNC antenna cables supplied with each BLXR, SLX, and QLX-D wireless system.

In addition, a single UA844+ system can support up to five wireless receivers and a maximum of five UA844+ systems may be used in a two-tiered configuration.


-Five-Way RF Signal Output
-For QLX-D, SLX & BLXR Receivers
-Front-Mounting Antenna Hardware
-4 Power Feeds for 15 VDC Receivers
-Outputs for Antenna Bias (12 VDC, 300mA)