FM system

FM system
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WOLF is a comprehensive and multifunctional FM station monitor and decoder.
It analyzes analog and digital audio signals and it monitors / decodes MPX composite signals. In addition, by means of its an integrated FM tuner, it analyzes aired signals in the FM band. A dedicated module monitors and decodes RDS / RBDS services.

WOLF is able to perform the largest yet most precise range of measurements.
Among the others, measures include Rms audio power, audio Peak, Pilot level, RDS level, instantaneous deviation peak, ITU-BS412 power, Peak, level and power on FM signal.
Measurement results are accessible via SNMP protocol and via the integrated WEB Server in the form of ordinary HTML pages. This means, results can be accessible on any Browser, included last generation mobile phones and PDA.
Each unit comes also with a dedicated Pc Control software, to be used to configure units for their right work.


- Wide set of measurements
- Complete alarms management SNMP
- Precision reference tone generator
- High Quality MPX decoder
- RDS / RBDS decoder & monitor
- Integrated FM tuner
- MPX & audio changeover
- Integrated Web Server
- Integrated SNMP agent
- Support for UECP, HTTP, TFTP protocols