Audio distributor

Audio distributor
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GENIUS D allows the connection of 2 analog input sources -main and backup- and constantly checks the main audio presence.
In case of fault,GENIUS D switches the input source from main to backup.
The intervention/return time are confi gurable via software.
The input source switch can be automatic or manual via front panel, software or GPIn.

The audio process is fully-digital via DSP, where a special section is dedicated to audio control; the Denoiser module cleans the sound from unwanted noise.
The Tone Generator provides a test tone, useful to trim an audio network chain.
The DTMF Encoder and Decoder are also available with customizable strings that can be interfaced with radio and tv automation systems.

In GENIUS D's front panel a big graphic display shows all input/output analog levels and the alarms.
The three buttons change the working status from automatic to manual with input source forcing.
Analog Inputs and Outputs are balanced over XLR connectors installed in GENIUS D's rear panel.
Remote connections to GENIUS D are capable via USB and serial ports.

A GPIO port featured with open collectors and optocouplers states the GENIUS D working status, the alarm and all commands coming from the DTMF Decoder.


- Digital DSP-based audio changeover with 2 analog inputs and 1 analog output
- Input to output switch and fade with customizable time intervention and restore
- Denoiser Module, AGC Stage , Delay and Tone Generator
- Graphic LCD display and front panel button for monitor and control
- Internal DTMF Encoder/Decoder for automation system
- 1 Rs232 Serial port, USB and GPIO por