Mix performer

Mix performer
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Roland created the AIRA line to expand your performance beyond anything you've experienced before, and the new MX-1 Mix Performer performance mixer follows that same philosophy to the letter. You'll have unheard-of control of your synths, drum machines, computer-based audio tracks — virtually anything you use to make music — in a single unit specifically designed as an instrument to enhance your performance experience. Like all AIRA gear, all of the controls live on the MX-1's surface, with absolutely no need to dive through confusing menus or deal with layered controls to access functions or effects.

The MX-1's input section alone is noteworthy, providing you the flexibility you need to make music any way you like. By combining six analog channels with digital I/O and a MIDI interface that are all mixed and managed via the MX-1's intuitive workflow, this powerful instrument helps you attain the next level of your music-making potential. Since you can use elements from your analog synth collection alongside your DAW and other computer-based instruments, adding the MX-1 to your rig means your creative possibilities are truly limitless. Even if you keep it all digital and use only your DAW and other virtual instruments to make your music, the MX-1's unique combination of interface, performance tool, and mixer makes it an essential for any gigging electronic musician.

If you have already discovered how much adding the element of AIRA means to your music, the MX-1 is about to become your best friend. Roland added four dedicated AIRA Link USB ports to the input section, giving you automatically enabled 2-way control of any AIRA instrument. With a single USB cable, you can control audio, MIDI, and sync coming from and going to your TB-3 bass synth, TR-8 rhythm machine, System-1 synth, and VT-3 voice transformer, all from the MX-1. And port 3 can even supply bus power for one of your AIRA synths, leaving you with one less cable to worry about. When you aren't using them for your AIRA gear, the ports support audio, MIDI, and sync to other USB-enabled devices.


-18-channel performance mixer with step-sequenced channel and master effects
-Per-channel Beat FX including filter, sidechain, and slicer
-6 channel-assignable Master FX with large performance control knob
-Multiple variations on each beat and master effect give you tons of tonal options
-16 miniaturized TR-style buttons create a step sequencer that's familiar and playable
-Tempo with fine, shuffle, and tap-tempo functions controls all of your synced gear
-Master FX Combi mode alternates effects in tempo using the step sequencer
-AIRA Link support for automatic 2-way control with one cable
-Port 3 supplies bus power when you plug in a piece of AIRA gear
-All USB ports support audio, MIDI, and sync functions for all enabled devices
-6 variable fader curves on each channel give you precise control of your mix
-Mix mode provides standalone mixer control and effects for all inputs and outputs
-External mode gives you plenty to mix with up to 18 channels of DAW audio
-Acts as a MIDI control surface with transport controls to navigate your DAW easily
-Mixer conveniences you're familiar with including DJ-style cue monitoring, easy-to-access mute buttons, and smooth faders
-Tone/Filter knob on each channel with 10 kinds of EQs, filters, and isolators for detailed sound shaping
-Scene Memory gives you instant save and recall power for entire mixes including tempo and effects
-Designed for live performance with super-bright LEDs and easy, familiar workflow