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Dimming is adjustable from 0-100% locally on the unit or remotely via DMX512. The White Star 6" Fresnel's whisper-quiet cooling fan protects the electronics and assures a 50,000 hour lamp life, virtually eliminating a duty cycle. Focus is accomplished by a classic, tight worm gear and knob at the back of the fixture.
The light's low heat and power consumption equal low HVAC costs in the studio and a fast ROI as well as allowing closer placement to the talent when necessary. And the White Star 6" can be swapped out light for light with similarly powered legacy fixtures without losing the single-shadow look and clean cut characteristics when using barndoors that the older fixtures are known for. If you're looking for a high performance light, stripped down to its essential features, you'd do well to consider the White Star 6" Fresnel.


-Beam Angle: 14-50 degree
-Build Material: Aluminum
-Control: DMX512 in and out, toggle button DMX control
-Cooling System: Active cooling fan
-Dimming: Flicker free dimming, onboard dimming knob 100%-0% (minimal color shift)
-Fixture Weight: 24.5 lbs
-Focusing: Rotating rear knob
-Foot Candles (Flood): 5 ft.: 1029.64 fc , 10 ft.: 218.87 fc , 15 ft.: 94.66 fc
-Foot Candles (Spot): 5 ft.: 3634.92 fc , 10 ft.: 814.29 fc , 15 ft.: 348.01 fc
-Head Type: Daylight (5600K)
-Lens: 6” Glass Fresnel
-Light Source: 1-350watt White LED 5600K
-LUX (Flood): 1m: 11083 lux , 3m: 2356 lux , 5m: 1019 lux
-LUX (Spot): 1m: 39126 lux , 3m: 8765 lux , 5m: 3746 lux
-Power Supply: 6ft power cable
-Rating: 120V AC, 50-60 Hz, 350 watts