4X4 Lightweight Matte Box (Tilta)

4X4 Lightweight Matte Box (Tilta)
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Durable, rugged, and equipped with professional features, the Tilta 4x4 Lightweight Matte Box is the answer to taking your shooting setup to the next level. Have control over your images like never before, with the ability to block unwanted light spillage from hitting your lens. The two 4x4 filter holders allow you to use industry standard size filters, including polarizing and neutral density filters to further manipulate and perfect your image. For added creativity, you can use unique effect filters with the rotating filter holder—the flexibility is nearly limitless. The matte box features a swing away design, making lens changes a breeze, and works with virtually any camera system with the included 15mm rod adaptor. Additionally, you get two lens adaptors (80mm, 95mm), “nuns knickers” fabric lens donut, to ensure complete rear coverage of your lens, and a top French Flag to block out excess light spill.  With so much to offer at an accessible price point, The Tilta 4x4 Lightweight Matte box is the perfect addition to your filmmaking arsenal.


-(1) Eyebrow
-(2) 4x4 Filter Holders
-100mm Fabric Donut "Nuns Knickers" Holder
-80mm Lens Adaptor
-90mm Lens Adaptor
-Matte Box