VideoHub Smart Control

VideoHub Smart Control
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The Blackmagic Design Videohub / WSC Smart Control is a control panel that controls the source and destination of the router, and allows you to easily control the router output to the monitor with a single button press. The 40 programmable YRGB illuminated buttons can be removed from the front panel to allow labeling of buttons, and can be backlit when used in a darkroom. You can set each button with the help of the USB connection and easy-to-use Mac and Windows software. The programmable buttons and RJ-45 Ethernet can be used for remote control of routers over an IP network.

The smart control button can also be used with multiple destinations - you can select to have a single destination for the whole control panel, or multiple destinations. In case of multiple destinations, buttons on the front panel become gold colored. The 'take' button and multiple destinations make the single panel usable for multiple devices connected to the router. The buttons illuminated by RGB and white LED lights offer a wide range of rich and clean colors.