4-Channel Analog SD Video Switcher

4-Channel Analog SD Video Switcher
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The Datavideo SE-500 is a compact and light weight, four channel analogue input, digital processing video switcher with both S-Video (Y/C) and Composite Video inputs.

In addition to S-Video and Composite Video, the SE-500 also provides Component (Y:U:V) output, perfect for connection to DVD recorders, Hard drive recorders, LCD TV, Projectors and many others.

The SE-500 is ideal for applications within Education, Places of Worship, Seminars, Small Studios, Clubs, Pubs and many more.

One of the really uniquely features of the SE-500 is the ability to display all four input sources via a single quad output, the preview display also including a superimposed tally indicator on each input. This feature means you only need two video monitors - one for all four inputs, one for the program output.

Other features include effects (dissolve, fade, several types of wipes), Split screen, Picture in Picture (PiP) and Colour Processor.

The input sources are internally synched via a built in four channel 4:2:2 Time Base Corrector (TBC) & frame synchroniser, so no external synchronising (Genlock) of the cameras or sources is required for a perfect, glitch free and smooth transition.

The SE-500 can be manually operated via the illuminated push buttons (perfect when you work in low light situations) or controlled via standard RS-232 & MIDI interface.

Using any of Datavideo's signal converts to connect to external equipment like SDI and HDMI, more information under the converter section.

The Datavideo SE-500 is also available as a turnkey Mobile Video Studio such as HS-500 or MS-500 and feature in our Mobile Chromakey Studio MS-DVK1


-Video System NTSC 525
4 x vídeo compuesto BNC
4 x S-video de 4 pines
1 x audio estéreo desbalanceado RCA
2 x micrófono de 1/4 "/ 0,6 cm
3 x vídeo compuesto BNC (1 salida se puede utilizar como componente cuando se une con Y / C a través del cable de desmontaje incluido)
1 x S-video de 4 pines
1 x audio estéreo desbalanceado RCA
1 x auriculares
1 x registro de 15 pines
-Otros Puertos:
1 x control MIDI
1 x control RS-232 de 9 pines
- Corrección de la base de tiempo Completa, sincronización de cuatro canales, 4: 2: 2, 13.5 MHz
-Video Bandwidth Componente: 5.2 MHz
-S-Video (Y / C): 5.0 MHz
Compuesto: 4,5 MHz
-DG, DP ± 3%, 3º
Relación Señal-Ruido Vídeo> 50 dB
-Audio> 65 dB
-Audio Respuesta de frecuencia: 20 Hz a 20 kHz ± 3 dB
-THD: <0,1%
-Intensidad de entrada 12 VDC, 1,5 A (11 W)