Shotgun Microphone (Matte Black)

Shotgun Microphone (Matte Black)
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In principle, Neumann shotgun microphones use a combination of a pressure gradient transducer and an interference tube. If the wavelength of the frequency is longer than the tube length, the microphones work as pressure gradient transducers. At higher frequencies they operate as interference transducers for lateral sound. Off-axis sound sources are picked up with reduced level, but without coloration.

Therefore, the microphones are well suited to record individual instruments of an orchestra. The pickup areas of several shotgun microphones may even overlap as, for example, during recordings on a large stage, without causing any problem.

The KMR 81 is less sensitive to wind and pop noise when compared to the KM 150 miniature microphone with a similar high directivity. The shotgun microphone features extremely low self noise, good impulse response, and high output level.

The microphone capsule is positioned inside a housing tube that is acoustically open but has a high flow resistance. The directional pattern of the microphone is lobe shaped. The attenuation of lateral sound is practically independent of the frequency. The KMR 81 has a frequency independent directivity within a pickup angle of 90° for audio signals that determine the tonal balance of the program material.


-Operating Principle Pressure Gradient
-Transducer Condenser
-Polar Pattern Supercardioid
-Frequency Range 20 Hz to 20 kHz
-Signal to Noise Ratio 71 dB CCIR
-82 dB A-Weighted
-Equivalent Noise Level 23 dB CCIR
-12 dB A-Weighted
-Maximum SPL 128 dB SPL
-Pad 10 dB
-Impedance 150 Ohms
-Load Impedance 1 kOhms
-Sensitivity 18 mV/Pa at 1 kHz into 1 kOhms