HD/SD 8-Channel Portable Production Unit

HD/SD 8-Channel Portable Production Unit
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OBV-2800 is a PPU (portable production unit), designed to fit into the back of a small van to provide complete mobile production facilities. It’s a mobile, transportable solution for broadcasters and professionals for both in-studio and on-location productions.

Built around the latest HD / SD switcher, it supports up-to 12 channels of HD/SD-SDI, HDMI or composite video signals. The system is integrated, compact and sturdy with a metal framework for great stability and protection yet provides room for future expansion.


-2 x TLM-170HR: HD monitors for multiviewer/PGM
-1 x HDR-70: HD recorders for PGM and AUX
-VSM-100: vectorscope / waveform monitor
-ITC-100: 8-ch intercom / tally system with 4 included belt packs
-AM-100: 5-ch audio mixer
-AD-100: audio delay box
-PD-2A: power distributor (8 x DC 12V)
-PD-6: 8-ch power center
-RP-45: 8-ch CV return video
-VP-445: 4-ch SDI amplifier
-Digital/Analogue converter: DAC-50
-Optional PD-4A AC redundant power center
-Optional 30m / 50m all-in-one cable CB-22/23 and cable extender VP-605
-Optional MCU-200P: multi-camera controller for Panasonic cameras
-Optional CG-350 HD/SD CG system