Educator's Production Bundle 1

Educator's Production Bundle 1
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The Educator's Production Bundle 1 from Datavideo includes one SE-700 Switcher, one TC-200 Character Generator, one NVS-25 H.264 Video Streaming Server/Recorder, TP-150 Teleprompter Kit with HC300 Hard Case, DAC-70 Video Converter, TB-5 Tally Light Kit, four TLT-CA50 Tally Cables, a laptop, a tablet with keyboard, a monitor, RKM-2000 Rack Mount, PLK-400 Set Lighting Kit, Chroma Key Background and Stand, closed-back over-ear headphones, audio mixer, Pro Lavalier Microphone Kit, two dynamic microphones, two Desk Stands for the Dynamic Mics, molded case for microphones, Video Production Teacher's Guide and Activity Book, and all the necessary video cables.

With dual HDMI and SDI inputs, the SE-700 Switcher is a four-channel switching solution for smaller installations such as concert venues, houses of worship, and schools. High-definition formats supported include 1080i and 720p at 50, 59.94, and 60 fps, complying with broadcast TV standards. Two XLR inputs are provided for connecting to an external mixer. Output options include two assignable HD-SDI and one HDMI out, good for connecting a program monitor, a preview monitor showing all inputs, and a third stream matching the program stream going out to a recorder or internet streaming device, like the included NVS-25. For ease of use, all the features on this switching console can be configured and operated from a PC or tablet over a network connection.

The TC-200 HD/SD Character Generator Kit combines the TC-200 Overlay Box with the CG-200 CG software into an on-screen graphics and titling solution that requires minimal PC processing power. Using a standard laptop, you can create and deliver striking on-screen graphics and titles in real time, ideal for mobile broadcasting and live video presentations. The TC-200 offers an SDI input supporting Overlay mode, and two SDI outputs supporting DSK (down-stream key) Fill and Key signals, allowing you to forego the use of an SDI adapter installed into your computer, and in turn allowing you to use a laptop on the go.

With the NVS-25 H.264 Video Streaming Server, you can stream HD or SD video to the web. The NVS-25 encodes incoming video to H.264 in real time, and can send it to stream while simultaneously recording to a USB drive. For ease of use, the NVS-25 uses a simple web-based user interface that can be accessed from a standard web browser. The UI can configure the settings and upgrade firmware from the web. The rear panel has the input section and network output. The NVS-25 can accept video from SDI, HDMI, or composite sources. Audio can be routed into the stream from embedded audio in SDI or HDMI feeds, or from dedicated XLR and RCA audio inputs. Scaling and deinterlacing can be accomplished on any video input. Processing is done pre-encoding, for better quality video.

The TP150 Teleprompter Kit includes a mount that holds the tablet securely below the camera head. It is quick and easy to assemble without the need for any special tools. The frame attaches to any standard tripod quick release plate. The teleprompter can be operated using the included controller that works in both Bluetooth or wired modes. In addition, it is suitable for small studios, business presentations and conferences, or live events.

The DAC-70 Up/Down/Cross Converter converts between SD, HD, and 3G-SDI formats. It supports 10-bit video processing and accepts VGA, HDMI, and SDI input signals, automatically converting them to the selected output format. The DAC-70 supports resolutions up to 1080p60 and up to eight channels of embedded SDI or HDMI audio. An analog L/R audio input is also provided. The converter is firmware upgradeable thanks to a built-in mini USB port, and includes a 12V, 1A power supply and cord.


-TB-5 Tally Light Kit
-4x TLT-CA50 Tally Cables
-24" LED Smart TV (for multi-view)
-RKM-2000 Rack Mount
-4-Piece Lighting Kit
-Chroma Key Background and Stand
-Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones
-Audio Mixer
-Pro Lav. Mic Kit 1-Cardioid
-FR361 & 1-Omni
-2x Dynamic Mics
-2x Desk Stands for the Dynamic Mics
-Molded Case for Microphones
-All Necessary Video Cables