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The Compact line by Syes offers air cooled TV transmitters, with one or more amplifier modules. The product lineup covers from low to high power levels, featuring excellent signal quality and small size. The SLIM models are available also as repeaters of the offair signal, with a wide choice of operation settings, or as retransmitters, with satellite or Ethernet input. SLIM line is one of the “best Seller” of Syes, some of SLIM model are actually operating since 90’. Slim line represents the state of the art of the low-medium RF transmitter technology. SLIM always count on PCM line driver, the unique investment exciter thanks to its capability to modulate in all Digital standard, TV and Radio as the TV analog too. Transmitter configurations are based on single or multiple identical amplifier units (PA), SLIM type. The equipment layout depends on the desired output power level and operational requirements. The PA(s) are directly fed by the exciter. The choice of redundancy configurations can include dual drive (exciter std-by), passive reserve (1+1 or n+1) and more others. The equipment parts are suitable to be assembled in a cabinet, 19”rack std., typically containing also the RF output filter. Single-PA – single-drive models are typically supplied as loose 19”modules. For redundancy configurations and/or multichannel transmission, important space savings are allowed by the “N-in-one” configurations, with N transmitters in a single cabinet. Cooling is by forced air, with redundant blowers for each module and hot air extraction from the cabinet top. Equipment operation is supervised by the SyES designed control unit