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Lebih Lengkap Mengenai PCM 10 BI VHF BAND I

The PCM line is the result of more than 30 years of research and experience of SYES Group. PCM line represents the state of the art of the RF transmitter technology. It’s the unique investment exciter thanks to its capability to modulate in all Digital standard, TV and Radio as the TV analog too.

It’s the cost effective solution for broadcasters which are however transmitting in analog, for broadcasters who are facing the transition from analog to digital without an official digital standard yet, always granting the switch from Analog to Digital via software using the front panel, using LAN connection or remotely even under a time schedule. PCM is finally the solution for broadcasters who are already in digital and need to take advantage of versatility in operation modes, configuration and performance. PCM can be a system driver, low power transmitter (UP to 200Wrms in 2RU), a regenerative transmitter, translator (integrated DVB-S2 receiver), gapfiller and Single Frequency Echo Canceller (perfect for Single Frequency Network), all in a single hardware. PCM already implements DVB-T/T2, ATSC /MH, ISDB-T/Tb, DAB, DTMB and all ATV. It supports also DAB DAB+ for digital radio PCM always embeds linear and non-linear pre-correction, to optimize the global system performance.

Pre-correction can be static, i.e. based on pre-stored tables, or adaptive, with real-time evaluation and compensation of possible distortions in the amplification. PCM can be configured as managed remotely, using a dry contact, via SNMP commands, via TCP/IP or graphic user interface designed by us using whatever of the common web browsers. PCM allows a total remote control of itself and its functionality by serial protocols or TCP/IP ports. Our platform can easily monitored / configured and updated using a LAN connection or a USB Key.